I see that the Earth is heading towards a sixth great extinction because the human species is no longer in proper relationship with it. This is a highly complicated issue because there is a multitude of related behaviors and attitudes.

While climate change should be an immediate concern, there are many other problems that need to resolved as well. Some of the problems I see may seem to others to be unrelated to saving this planet.

Existing problems with my viewpoint:

  • Climate change
  • Overpopulation of the human species
  • Extinction of species, many of which we are not aware of because they are outside our range of vision
  • Pollution (air, water, ground, light, noise)
  • Treatment of women (a reflection of how Mother Earth can be dishonored)
  • Disposal of waste (trash, nuclear materials, medical, etc.)
  • Over consumerism (unlimited growth) on a finite planet
  • Accumulation of wealth and power in the top 1%
  • Developed nations both disregarding the plight of third world countries and expectations on how they share the load on solving environmental problems
  • Dealing with refugees fleeing from hostile political and environmental climates
  • Sustainable energy
  • Honoring of indigenous people
  • Arrogance of scientists who have the knowledge to “improve” upon nature

I am appalled that even as we do seek solutions to these problems such as climate change, it is only about how the human beings will survive. We want to keep the animal species that are something we want to eat or keep as a pet, otherwise, it is okay if the other species disappears. It is amazing how much we have come to understand about our world, but there is no way we can comprehend the subtle interconnections of the web of life. I fear that we may well reach a tipping point where the web simply collapses.