Evolution and Consciousness

Evolution and Consciousness

I like to believe that consciousness existed at the first micro-seconds of the Big Bang, nearly fourteen billion years ago. Not the consciousness that we experience now as human beings. And no, I am not able to describe the nature of this primal consciousness because it is one of the Mysteries that I realize that our human minds could not possible comprehend.

Evolution is a my creation story. Putting it in terms of the sciences: first came physics, then chemistry, then biology and then human consciousness; which is a very recent development in the evolution of the cosmos. Our species is perhaps only two hundred and fifty thousand years old. If consciousness is the evolutionary edge and our species is the only one on the Earth truly capable of this awareness, then we must explore this domain of consciousness as individuals and in groups to further evolution. I explore this domain through various meditation techniques, reflective journaling and being in dialogue with other people who identify themselves as contemplatives.

I want life to continue to survive, thrive and evolve on this planet. I believe it is our obligation to care for the Earth, not only to secure a future for our species, but all life forms of this world. I often worry that we are inhibiting or even preventing further evolution of other species by our dominance.

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